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Eating ice cream and losing weight..................

Eating ice cream and losing weight……………


Strict dieting can take a lot of will power to sustain and it can be a potential nuisance to your social life, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

The biggest problem with severely restrictive dieting is that it’s often not sustainable long term. Reaching your fitness goals should be a positive journey that builds your confidence and makes you feel amazing inside and out, whilst living a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

If you are beating yourself up for having a treat or a cheeky glass of wine or massively restricting yourself when eating out, then you perhaps you are going about dieting all wrong?

It is important to understand that fat loss is 100% down to how many calories you consume each day and how consistent you are.

You will just about successfully lose weight on any diet such as Keto, 5:2, Atkins, low carb, high fat and even ‘JUNK FOOD’ diets. They all work because they keep you in a calorie deficit, which is what ultimately elicits fat loss.

Of course this does not mean to say you should fill ALL of your calories with doughnuts and ice cream. You should eat an abundance of wholefoods that will provide the nutrients we need to build lean muscle tone and keep us healthy. A balanced diet rich in healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins is sustainable long term as opposed to radically cutting carbs or fats. You can still work treats like ice-cream and chocolate into your daily calories, and you should relax every now and then by treating yourself to a high calorie meal of your choice, without stressing or worrying about calories.

The best place to begin is by setting yourself a total calorie goal and sticking to that intake each day. Downloading My FitnessPal will help you to keep track of your calories. This is a very simple & user friendly app that allows you to accurately monitor your daily intake. Staying active whilst ensuring you are in a calorie deficit will inevitably result in fat loss and drive you closer to your goal.

At Cottingham Parks we suggest you abandon all restrictive diet approaches, and eat the foods YOU enjoy so that you can remain in a calorie deficit effortlessly. This will make dieting a breeze for yourself.  

If you need any help in understanding calories or tracking your intake, give the wellness team a shout.


Joe ‘calories do count’ Welsh.

Wellness Advisor

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