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COVID 19 Update 14/08/20 - HEALTH CLUB

Week 3 already, where has the time gone!

For those of you who have come back to the Heallth Club already, it probably now feels like you have never been away. We have had so many positive comments about how happy you are to be back, and how safe you feel now you've had chance to see the new procedures we have put in place.

We are really grateful for any feedback we are getting and urge you to speak to a member of the team if you think we could be doing something even better.

As we said in the last update, we would be constantly reviewing our policies and procedures, and adapting these as we go along, based on customer feedback and observations. Please see below a few of these changes that will come into effect from week commencing 17th August 2020:

Children's Swimming Times:
• We have added an additional two swimming times for children. These have been added on a Saturday & Sunday 3-4pm. These are in addition to the ones we already had. (These times are not exclusive to children, we still have adult swim slots running alongside these.)
• These additional sessions have been added back to back with the 4-5pm sessions, which means if you have two children you need to bring swimming, you can bring a non-member with you to sit in the cafe with one child in the first slot, and then swap the children over for the second slot.
• As mentioned in the last review, we did say we would look at child to adult supervision ratios in the pool, and take into account the age, and the swimming ability of the children. After lots of discussions, and to keep in line with best practice that all other pools are following, we have decided not to adjust any of the adult to child ratios at this point in time. We are still only into our third week and getting to grips with things. This WILL be reviewed again for the next bi-weekly review. 

ZOOM/Online Fitness Classes:
• For those of you who cannot yet get into the club, we are starting some online classes next week. The first class going live will be Gill's Yoga class on Monday 12:15
• Once we have had success with this class, we will release the rest of the ZOOM timetable on Facebook, email and in club Monday afternoon.
• If you want to participate in Gill's Yoga class online on Monday to help us test the system out, please email
• You will need to be a current paying member to do any future online/ZOOM classes. 

Studio & Pool Fitness Classes:
• To help us increase the number of classes on offer, we are trialing a reduction of the 30 min gap between some of the classes. We have done this in response to customer request, and instructors telling us they have more than enough time to get everything cleaned down.
• To help us with this smooth transition, please make sure you leave the studio immediately after your class has finished to give us space to clean, and do not enter for the next class more than 5 minutes early.
• We have increase the size of the Aqua classes from 16 people to 18 in a trail to see how this goes. We have more than enough space in the pool, but we would like to remind you that you cannot all get out and get changed at once after the class. Please remain in the pool for 10 minutes whilst the first group leave to get showered and changed. Don't forget there is an additional shower on the poolside, one in the disabled area, as well as two additional showers in the family changing area you could use.
• Due to the success and popularity of the current class timetable, in particular the Dance and Conditioning morning classes (as well as reduced capacity in classes), we have added an additional Three classes at a similar time starting next week:
- Monday: Indoor Cycling 14:00 - 14:45
- Friday: Additional Complete Conditioning 10:15 - 11:00
Additional Strictly Dance 11:15 - 12:00
• These additional sessions are to help out with the waiting lists we had for Conditioning and Dance style classes in a morning. Hopefully, this will give people not only more chance to book onto these classes, but a greater variety of choice in terms of class times and combinations.
We have already noticed people have booked these classes as well as the ones we already had. If this is the case, please can you cancel out of one of the classes. We have not popped two complete conditioning classes on for one person to be able to do two back to back, we have done it to create ADDITIONAL SPACE FOR OTHERS.

Please DO NOT book multiple classes of the same genre on the same day.

I understand that the intention here is to still probably only do one of these classes, and to cancel off the other once you have the place you wanted, however, this is stopping others from planning their week, and even causing classes to go ahead last minute with places to spare.

From Monday, if we see that a customer has booked two of the the same class I.e: Complete Cond, or any Dance class in the same morning, we WILL have cancel you out of one of them without warning.

Our next review in a couple of weeks will again look at adding even more classes (including an additional aqua aerobics one afternoon), as well as reducing the 30 minute change over between classes if the trial this week goes well.

Fitness Suite
• There are currently no now changes in the fitness suite. Keep up the good work with all the cleaning and spraying equipment after use!

Swimming Lessons
• We are still hoping to restart the swimming lesson programme once the children have gone back to school. We are aiming to commence these from Monday 14th September, and anticipate the groups your children are currently in will remain the same.
• Please do not get in touch just yet to query about groups/times etc, we WILL be in touch in the next few weeks to sort this out as long as the government don't change anything in their plans.

We look forward to another successful period after reopening, and hope to see more of you in the club over the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding whilst we adapt the business to meet the new Government stipulations.

Sam & The Wellness Team



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Following the Government Covid-19 restrictions please be aware that opening times, facilities and services may be reduced or currently unavailable. Please check the news page, or contact us to check.

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