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Covid 19 Update 11/7/20 - HEALTH CLUB REOPENING

We are very pleased to announce that the Government have given Health Clubs permission to reopen as of 25th July 2020. Therefore, we will be reopening our doors from this date. Our opening hours will remain the same:

Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 9:30pm

Weekend & Bank Holidays: 7:30am – 7:30pm

To enable us to reopen, the Government have laid out detailed guidelines for us to follow. As a result, we have had to implement a number of changes for members to follow.

Please be aware, these changes are not by choice of the club, they are a stipulation by Government which must be followed to allow us to open.

We do not currently have all of the information you will require, but wanted to give you an idea of the pathway moving forward. Information that will follow in the next week, will include:

·         Class timetables

·         Swimming pool timetables

·         Gym timetables

PLEASE DO NOT RING US ASKING ABOUT THESE just yet, as we do not have the answer. We will update the website, social media and send out emails with the above.


The Health Club will reopen on Saturday 25th July 2020. All Direct Debits will automatically restart on the 1st of August 2020. As you lost a week in March, we are giving you the remainder of July for free.

Annual and 6 monthly payers will have their membership renewal date extended accordingly.

What can you expect to see upon your return to the club?


·         Increased safety signage and advise around the building.

·         A one-way system around the building will be observed.

·         Any fitness equipment used in the gym, pool or classes will require wiping down after each use by the user.

·         Some staff may be seen to wear protective equipment for their own protection as well as yours.

·         There will be hand sanitiser points at all entry points, in and out of all areas. We also encourage you to bring your own to carry around with you.

·         All bookable sessions (gym, pool and classes) will incur a penalty mark to reduce ‘no shows’. Three penalty marks will disable your booking rights for seven days.

·         Bookable sessions in the gym, studio (including outdoor and spin classes), and pool can all be booked via the My Wellness App, or if necessary, the telephone. Bookings will not be available at the reception desk to reduce queuing.

·         If you do not yet have the My Wellness App, please email to get set up.  

·         Staff will be increasing cleaning activity and safety checks in all areas.

·         Initially, we cannot accept guests/guest passes as sessions need to be booked on the wellness app, which only members have access to. We are however accepting new permanent members, should anyone wish to join us.

·         There will be no access to any water fountains, so please bring your own bottles. Water bottles will also be on sale from the café bar.

Fitness Classes:

·         Class capacity will be reduced to a maximum of ten people per class in the studio. Class numbers in the pool, terrace suite and outside will vary, but this can be seen on the booking app. 

·         Additional classes where possible, will be added to the timetable outside to increase capacity.

·         There will be a 30 - minute changeover time between all classes to allow for cleaning, and to reduce queuing outside of the studios.

·         Please do not arrive more than five minutes before for your class. Upon arrival, you may enter the studio or class area straight away to prevent queuing in the corridors.

·         Spin classes will be relocated to the terrace suit to enable us to offer more classes, and to avoid unnecessary crowding in the bike cupboard.

·         Participants will be encouraged to bring their own mats where appropriate.

·         Booking for classes will be through the My Wellness App, or if needed as a last resort, over the telephone. We cannot book classes at reception.

·         The changing and shower facilities will be open; however, these will predominantly be used by pool users. Where possible, we are asking class participants to come ‘class ready’ and shower at home.

·         The class timetable you see in the first few weeks of opening, will not be the permanent timetable. As we learn to adapt to the new guidelines, and we get more of an idea about demand for classes, we will endeavour to add more classes as and when we can.

·         Where possible, we will live stream some of our classes to enable you to participate at home should you not be able to get to the class for whatever reason.


·         Glass partitions have been installed around most of the cardio kit, so please be aware of these when moving around the gym.

·         Where required, machines have been spread out to allow for more space between yourself and others.

·         All machines are facing away from each other, so you will never be face to face with another user.

·         There will be a maximum of 22 people on the gym floor at one time to reduce queuing/crowding. This allow you to maintain social distancing advice throughout your whole workout.

·         Gym sessions will now be bookable using the My Wellness App (same as the classes) or over the telephone if needed. This will allow you to plan your visit, knowing you are guaranteed a place, and will also allow you to choose quieter times to visit should you wish.

·         As you arrive to participate in your booked gym session, please check in at the gym reception desk with the instructor so we know you have arrived.

·         The changing and shower facilities will be open; however, these will predominantly be used by pool users. Where possible, we are asking gym members to come ‘gym ready’ and shower at home.

·         Personal sweat towels are not permitted in the gym at this time, there will be plenty of sprays and disposable blue roll for your use.

Swimming Pool (Steam Room, Sauna & Spa):

·         The steam room and Sauna will remain closed due to a higher transmission risk.

·         The Spa pool (jacuzzi) will have a maximum capacity of two people.

·         The main swimming pool will operate on a maximum capacity of twenty people at any one time. This means, initially, until we can assess the demand, sessions in the pool will also need to be booked by the My Wellness App or over the telephone if needed. Sessions cannot be booked at reception.

·         You must check in at reception when you arrive for your booked swim session.

·         Aqua Aerobics classes will go ahead but with a limited capacity to avoid a large number of people using the showers and changing areas all at once. Please see the class timetable/booking app for times and maximum numbers.

·         Changing areas, lockers and showers will be open, however, we are asking people to use these areas as quickly, and as little as possible, and where possible, shower at home. Please try to come ‘swim ready’ to reduce time in the changing areas.

·         At this time, hair dryers will be out of use due to the added risk of blowing particles about.

·         Social distancing guidelines MUST also be followed in changing areas and showers. Please stay away from other users, and wipe down benches/chairs after use before leaving the area. Do not share benches with other users, unless you are from the same household.

·         You will see us testing the pool water more often, this is to ensure the correct level of chlorination in maintained throughout the day.

·         There will be no loan towels available at reception, so please bring your own.

Swimming Lessons & Swim Fit Classes:

Unfortunately, due to the social distancing rules, swim fit classes, and swimming lessons will remain unavailable at this time. We will review this on a weekly basis, however, we envisage they will return early September.

Should you wish to book one to one sessions with a swimming instructor, this can be arranged by emailing

One to one lessons are payable per lessons, and will not affect your group lesson payments, which will remain on hold until classes are available again.

We look forward to having our Health Club members back with us soon!

Samantha Adams

Health Club Manager

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Following the Government Covid-19 restrictions please be aware that opening times, facilities and services may be reduced or currently unavailable. Please check the news page, or contact us to check.

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