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Are you getting stuck in the mud?

The course is often very wet and muddy during winter and can present more of a challenge to golfers in comparison to the summer.

Winter often results in unstable ground conditions, which can generate more unwanted movement of the feet, and potentially lead to inconsistent striking of the golf ball. We usually hear the dreaded words "I have hit it FAT again", followed by mud splattered everywhere! 

To combat this, why not try hitting a different type of shot, and get control the club you’re hitting? Rather than hitting a full shot, especially with your wedges, try going up a club and swinging easier. Get control of the speed and focus on the strike on the ball. When hitting shots at full speed its very easy to lose your footing or not quite get the strike you desire, due to feeling unbalanced on the wet and muddy surface.

If you don’t like to use a half swing, then move your hands further down the grip. Moving your hands down the grip will reduce the swing speed giving you a shorter distance, but it will hopefully allow you to strike the ball more consistently, rather than having that splat of mud all over your face! Just take one club more if you do find you're coming up short.

Having control of your shots in these kinds of conditions is what is key. Focus on striking ball first, and letting the ball get in the way of the golf club. Don’t try hitting at the golf ball, as this will only result in the ball winning.

Something else to look at could be your ball position and weight distribution. and we will talk about that another time.

By Mark Thompson, PGA Pro at Cottingham Parks Golf Club


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